Rudolf-Giesselmann-DSC 4535

Rudolf Giesselmann

/ Born in 1948
/ Studies in fine arts and education at the university of Kassel (1972-1977)
/ Photographic projects since 1962. Current project: 'Found Places'.
/ Photographer of the series and the book 'just listen' with exhibitions in Wiston Lodge,
  Edinburgh (2010) and St. Petri, Hamburg (2011). (
/ Developer of PaperSurfing - a space for strangers to hear each other (2016)
/ Training in psychoanalytic supervision with Prof. Dr. Hans Kilian (1973-1978)
/ Studies in group dynamics with Prof. Dr. Eugen Mahler (1972-1975)
/ Trainer of dialogue groups in a prison in Hamburg ('Listen and to be Listened to') (2005-2010)
/ Trainer of coaching groups at district schools in Hamburg ('I can do it - Training') (2007)
/ Trainer within the network for reciprocal peer counselling 'Co-Counselling International' (1995-)
/ Studies in physics engineering at the university of Hagen (1968-1972)
/ Teacher in further vocational education in a school for Production Engineering and
   Aircraft Technology in Hamburg (1979-1998)
/ Lives with his wife in Hamburg and St. Peter-Ording, Germany.



Susan-Tilley IMG 4513

Susan Tilley

/ Born in 1947
/ Writer (poetry and prose)
/ Studies in the pedagogical approach of Caleb Gattegno, Centre de Linguistique Appliquee
  de Besancon, France (1988-1989)
/ Practitioner - Bohmian Dialogue (Dialogue in the Spirit of the founder David Bohm) (1996-)
/ Co-Facilitator - with 'Prison Dialogue', in several max. security establishments (UK) (1997-2000)
/ Co-Facilitator within the network for reciprocal peer counselling 'Co-Counselling International' (2009-)
/ Member of the organising team London Permaculture Festival 2013
/ Trainee psychotherapist The Minster Centre, London 2013 -
/ Teacher of English as a Foreign Language to executives via Gattegno's 'The Silent Way', Paris (1989-1992)
/ Teacher of English/EFL at Brockwood Park, Hampshire - a J Krishnamurti-founded International school (1992-1995)
/ School teacher, working with teenagers having learning/behavioural needs (2003-2012)  
/ Lives with her partner in Cambridge and London, UK.