structure for dialogues in groups

Instructions for Dialogues in Groups

'Traffic Rules' for conversations with 4 to 5 people

(will be read out aloud at the beginning)

  • At the beginning, everyone writes on a card what they want to talk about. After that the other 'traffic rules' are read out aloud.

  • Each topic is spoken about in turns of 20 minutes. The time for this is indicated by the black sandglass.

  • The red 30-second sandglass provides a time of silence and concentration before and after reading a topic.

  • If you want to talk about your topic first, you start the entire conversation by turning these two hourglasses.

  • After a silence of 30 seconds, she_he reads to her_his topic without commenting on it in this moment.

  • After another silence, it is now time for everyone to 'say' or 'ask' something, clockwise one after the other.

  • Once the 20-minute hourglass has expired, the time for the next topic begins.

  • Once the last topic has been spoken about, the conversation is brought to an end.

What I can do in the conversation

  • When it’s my turn, I state what is most important to me. There are no right or wrong and no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ contributions.
    I speak from my heart and I’ll be brief.

    I describe a thought that came to me while listening to the text or to the conversation. I may stray away from the topic.
    Or: I ask the person who has read aloud a question to which they can answer directly.
    Or: I describe a thought that came to me ‘otherwise’.
    Or: I ask an important question that remains unanswered.
    Or: I for whatever reason pass on to the next one.
    Or: I start a silence of 30 seconds – time to ‘listen’ for everyone.
    When I’m done, I point to the left and pass it on to the next one..
    When I'm finished, I point to the left and pass on.

  • As a listener, I listen to what the speaker is saying and at the same time listen to what thoughts are developing inside of me.

  • Any time I can start a ‘speed round’. For everyone in the round, there are 30 seconds. This possibility exists when someone has finished speaking.

  • Everyone is 'lovingly' taking care that these rules of conversation are followed.
Download 'The Game Rules'  The Game Rules - Dialogues expanded

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